About Brigid

Brigid was never like the other children. She was always considered a “daydreamer” and she was always someone who would stand up to a bully when others would hesitate. Unfortunately, this would often attract more bullies include those in positions of authority. In High School, Brigid suffered a traumatic brain injury that both erased her memories, skills, and added a layer of complicated medical issues to her life. The doctors said she would never walk, complete school, or be “normal” again.

Brigid and her mother politely disagreed with the doctors.

Two years later Brigid walked with her graduating class and went on to Cornell College in Iowa. There, she majored in Psychology with an emphasis in Theater since most of her scripts come from movies or television shows. Just like any other student, she had her own unique set of challenges in the college atmosphere. While in College, she worked as a Resident Assistant for two years and acted as a mentor for the community. She left her college an active award winning mental health club, a peer support network for incoming students on the spectrum as well as more educated staff members, peers, and professionals.

While in College she continued to give presentations on Autism and being a female on the spectrum on the local, national, and international level. After college, she moved to Maine and took a brief hiatus until disability work quickly summoned her back. She began working as an in home support worked which allowed her to see the systematic problems facing the disability population. Seeing very specific support needs, she revitalized her involvement in advocacy and policy changes. In 2015, she was appointed a member of the Autism Society of Maine board of Directors and is currently the co-chair of the educational committee.



Brigid also works as part of the Healthcare Transitions Research Network for Autism Spectrum Disorders to address the gap in supports, employment, and opportunities for those individuals both transitioning out of high school or building their lives after high school.

Always with a sense of humor and optimism, Brigid continues to impact audiences with her presentations. She promotes the concept of Universal Design, or accessibility for all. By not just focusing on benefiting the Autism community, but all communities, she adapts strategies used by other groups seeking advocacy and equal rights.


Currently Brigid can be found living in Portland, Maine. She is working as a Direct Support Professional providing her peers with resources to live the full lives they want and deserve. In her “free time” Brigid also performs as Brigid Sinclair with an award winning Vaudeville Troupe and a separate all female fire troupe. She plays with fire and spins things to help her regulate.