Brigid was selected to be a part of the  Maine PK-12 Teaching Artist Roster by the Maine Arts Commission. She was also recently selected as a  Teaching Artist Leader with the Maine Arts Leadership Initiative (MALI)

More information can be found below.


Below is a selection of some of the classes Brigid has taught and is available to teach. These classes can be geared towards the strengths of the individuals. Each class is available as a stand alone session or can be expanded on over multiple weeks. For more information and rates, please contact

Math with Poi– Learn how do improve your math skills while using poi, small tethered balls. Children will be able to use their whole body to learn different basic math concepts and have fun while doing it.

Making Magic with Wands– Not all the magic is in the movies. Learn how to use a levitation wand and discover your own magic moves.

Big Sticks!– This class will use staffs and large sticks to learn how their bodies move in space. We will use our imaginations as well as our bodies to find out new ways we can use sticks to tell stories.

Move like an Animal– This movement class will explore using our whole body from our nose to our toes when acting like an animal. Participants will be able to create an animal persona and play around with their new creation.

Lights, Camera, Action– This introductory film class works with students infront and behind a camera to make their own movies.  Students will learn details of making a movie and discuss techniques used by their favorite films.



There are a few online courses taught by the Houlton Institute which has Brigid as  an instructor. For more information on the programs currently offered please check out the Houlton site below.