Airport misadventures

So this past week I was at OCALICON in Columbus, Ohio. It was a few very busy days and long hours, which is why the posts were missing. I will say, if you want to see what I was up to head on over to my Facebook Page to get a quick video at http://Http:// . More will be updated from this past week and I’ll be talking about some next steps and offerings.

Now for my current state. I’m working on my 4th (or 5th) bowl of soup in the United Club of Newark Airport. I’ve been here since about 9:30am. My flights started at 7:40 am. The past 9 hours have been spent in various states of panic, fear, resignation, and about a half hour of elation as I watched the most recent episode of Speechless. There is finally hope as I am going to be on a flight this evening back to Maine.

I know Maine is totally out of the way and many people forget we exist, but there should be more flights there.

The big question many people have been asking me as I’ve been relating my saga on my social media is “How am I doing?”  Truthfully, I’m hanging on by a chocolate pretzel. I’ve spun my Levitation wand until my shoulders are sore and my fingers are not cooperating. I’m anxious, restless, and tired beyond belief. I can’t focus enough to read anything complicated. Even my new default to relax myself, playing Civilization 5 on my computer, is unable to help me. More than anything I want to be somewhere dimly lit so I can sleep. It’s getting to that sensory point where my sense of hearing is extremely heightened and certain smells will cause horrible reactions.

Translation: I’m hitting critical mass.

This is why I am doing my best to eat well, hydrate, and am constantly listening to some form of music.

My only solace is that before I hit my critical limit I had most of my upcoming trip planned and thankfully took notes.

Now I’m needing to only watch TV as even writing this took a large amount of energy and many uses of spell check.

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