What has the year brought?

As we can see, life tends to get in my way about as much as I get in my own way. Maybe a post a day is a little much for me, but I will continue to try. Trying does count in my world.

The prompt for today is about how 2016 has been for me. Overall, this year has been a complete roller coaster.

I started the year very unsure of myself and my abilities. I’m ending the year as a leader in the local Flow Arts community working with larger organizations to make significant improvements.

I think the greatest thing this year as brought me is confidence. Confidence in my skills and confidence in myself to take care of whatever life throws my way. Even this past weekend a conversation with a dear friend helped promote my confidence and allowed me to see myself in a different light. Confidence is one of those things I’ve always thought is “fake it till you make it” and in some ways I have made it.

2016 has most importantly brought me the chance to try out different things to see what I like. Truthfully, I enjoy a quiet lifestyle. Nights spent with close friends watching movies is preferred over going out to noisy clubs. I’m learning to slow down more and I hope to carry the skill of mindfulness into the future year.

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