Monthly Archives: December 2016

The last moon

Tonight is the last full moon of 2016.

For me, that’s a time of reflection and to see how far I have come this past year. I’m honestly sure the distance I’ve traveled cannot be measured in miles, time, or a length of unit I’m familiar with. This year has seen so much interpersonal and professional growth in multiple forms. At most times, I was not fully navigating my course but instead holding on for the ride. And what a splendid ride it was.

Most recently I arrived back home from a trip to Iceland by myself. It was a beautiful country with lots of adventures around every corner. I’ll be working on some “Autistic Abroad” posts in the future based on some of my observations and accommodations. I do love to travel and sometimes need a “proper adventure” where the entire day is up to you with no obligations at all.

As I prepare myself for 2017, I do it quite simply with a little notebook. It’s the same notebook I’ve had for years and it is only written in every few months. It’s a combination of goal book, dream journal, and road map to success. It’s where I very carefully plan out the things I want to accomplish. I say very carefully because, as I’ve proven to myself countless times, when I have my mind set to something there is nothing in the world that can truly stop me.

So here I will sit under the winter moon and plan for my future. I’ll be looking at performing, teaching, and presenting. Those are the three professional areas I’m looking to develop. There will be lots of overlap and other things may arise, but it’s good to begin to have a solid plan. My interpersonal developmental goals revolve around health/wellness, relationships, exploration, and self-care. I’ve begun to learn the valuable importance this year of not working too hard and I plan to improve on that in the coming year. Exploration refers to learning new skills, like cheese making and welding, or recovering some old ones like working on my French skills.

People make resolutions once a year, but honestly anytime is a good time to reflect and look for improvements. I’ve already actively begun to reshape things for myself and am look forward to what 2017 can bring me with a clear focus.