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The Longest Night

Last night we redesigned constellations and danced with fire.
We sat on the floor talking about our hopes and dreams and brighter tomorrows.
Our thoughts and hearts were filled with the hope of the new sun in the coming year.
Dreams are becoming reality.

The universe has been kind to me and is helping put the pieces of my life together recently. It’s not nearly seeming as forced as my attempts were in the fall, before surgery, so it feels more organic without being forced. This blog is going to go through some transformation pretty soon, including a new URL, but it wasn’t the number 1 priority for the past few weeks which explains the silence. I do have some wonderful news to share about all the things in the works and what this means for me.

I’m already actively booking programming for 2016 focusing on various aspects of art and movement. A part of this involves my recent acceptance as part of the Maine Arts Commission’s  PK-12 Teaching Artists Roster. This means I’ll be available to create both after-school programming AND teach classes during the school day.

I’ll also be working the Flow Arts Institute to write articles about disability, health, and wellness related to the spinning arts in the upcoming year.

Rumors of a book (or two) have some weight are also in the works with some brilliant collaborators.

For those concerned about my health, despite multiple setbacks my doctors continue to note my recovery progress with the most recent milestone reached this week of laying on my stomach while on a solid surface.

My performance life is being revitalized with a few “Sparks” of creativity helping pull me out of a lull. Even with health issues, there have been new skills being worked on in a little wooden cabin in the woods of Maine. Some wonderful collaborations are in the works with the local performance community and possibly the entire New England art community.

The winter solstice is the longest night of the year. It’s a time of reflection and optimism as we look at the growth of the past few seasons.  My solstice was celebrated with friends who have really helped me thrive in the past few years personally, professionally, and creatively. Next week will be more of a personal ‘year in review’ post, but for now I’ll leave you with the professional things to look forward to in my life.

My kingdom for a shovel.

I bought a shovel last week.

Now, for most people that may not be anything remarkable. However, I live in Maine and have lived in Maine for almost 4 years. Before this, I went to college in Iowa. Although Maine has significantly more snow than Iowa, I’ve never lived in a place unfamiliar with the wrath of winter.

So for the past 3 winters, I have been shovel-less.

If you are familiar with the winter weather in Maine, also known as the tundra, there is a lot of snow as early as October some years. This year it was an actual thought process to get a shovel because I’ve…ahem…improvised solutions for the past 3 winters.

Unique ways to dig a Prius out of snow (besides using a shovel).

  • A cardboard box
    • Pro: Easily flatened for transportation.
    • Con: Soggy.
  •  The top of a tupperware container.
    • Pro: large surface area to get snow off.
    • Con: When it breaks it gets very sharp.
  • A Case.
    • Pro: Useful when  there is absolutely nothing else avalible.
    • Con: Not sturdy
  • Crouching down and digging yourself out in a city.
    • Pro: Can be a lot of fun if you have time and think of it like uncovering a huge prize.
    • Con: People think you need help and look at you like you are crazy when you tell them you are having fun.