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Bring on 2015 conferences!

So I’ve been getting into the ‘zone’ of being back in school, or at least trying to find the zone, so I seem to have missed something really awesome.

March 14th I will be presenting at the Southern Maine Autism Conference located at The DoubleTree Hotel in South Portland, Maine.

This is the third year in a row I have presented at this conference and I love doing it. This is a free conference to attend and that helps to spread important information to people who need it. My session is entitled “It’s Not Easy Being Me: Highlighting the Strengths”. I’ll be discussing strength-based perspectives instead of deficit based models and talking about self-advocacy.

For more information and to register for this event, please visit the site below.

In a related note; if you have a conference in your area you’d like to see me at please let me know! I also accept invitations to speak at small groups and do training sessions.

From the Whispers

I’ll readily admit I’ve been missing online most of this month. It has both been a conscious effort and an unintentional consequence of anxiety.

As far as things go, I will say it has not been a slow month in any respect for me. I’ve gotten so big news and am proud to share it with all you lovely people. I’ve been accepted to speak at TWO (2) separate conferences this summer into fall. I’ll be at AACC (Association for Autistic Community Conference) and at OCALICON (Ohio Center for Low Incidence and Autism Conference).

I’ve also been busy spinning fire and getting back into the swing of grad school. I’ll be bringing back a lot more to this blog (including some guest bloggers) in future weeks as I’ll be getting ready for an epic summer.

For more information on my AACC presentation, check out the link below!

We are pleased to announce…

I am honored to announce I will be presenting three times at the Autism Society of Ameica conference in Indianapolis, IN. The presentations I will be a part of are listed below.  

  • “Social Impairment?! NOT! the Role of Friendship and Mentoring in ASDs” with Chloe Rothschild, Jennifer O’Toole, Stephen Shore, Sondra Williams, Dena Gassner, and Brian King. 

  • “Music, Art, and Theater; Different Artistic Approaches to Support the Autism Community and Beyond” with Stephen Shore and Gayle Fitzpatrick.
  • “Hear Us Roar! Young Women on the Autism Spectrum” with Haley Moss and Kassiane Sibley.

I am very happy to be presenting with so many friends and colleagues. The Autism Society of America will always have a special place in my heart and I’m so excited for how it has grown since I first went there 10 years ago.

 For more information on the conference, feel free to check out their website below. More information will be released when it become available.

I’m also still looking for other conferences to present this year and next so if you know a great conference, please shoot me a message or post on my FaceBook page.

Where will she be next?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Brigid time to let you know where I’ll be going next.

If you are in the Ohio area and plan to attend the OCALI conference next week, you can find me at the Autism Global Initiative/ Autism Research Institute booth located at space 408 in the exhibition hall or you can find me just wandering around. 

*Hint when looking for me: Look for the tall redhead wearing a corset. *

For more information on the conference please check out the OCALI Conference website at

For more information on AGI/ARI please check out their website at

To see some of the courses I’ll be promoting check out the Houlton Institute programs at
I hear the Teaching Assistant is really wonderful for the programs.
*Hint: It’s me!*